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Best Beard Trimmers Guide | How To Use Them


The first step to take is to decide the beard length that you ideally favor when it comes to knowing how to trim a beard. If you prefer to have the classic look beard or a fuller beard with fade decreasing your face, after that it's ideal to have a powerful trimmer with 3 guard settings. You can achieve a shorter, chopped look or an attractive 5 o'clock darkness with an easy stubble trimmer.


Next off, some leaners call for oil to work properly. Go down a little oil over the blades as well as obtain it running if yours falls right into this category. Make sure that you sweep aside any type of excess hair that may be in the blades before you start. Once the oil has actually saturated the blades, clean them down, making sure the blades are dry on the top so your hair does not stick.


Currently, it's time to start cutting. It's a great idea to begin long as well as finish short, depending upon your final objective length, to avoid bothersome your skin. In addition, starting with a higher guard and working your means down is additionally calculated, due to the fact that you could always trim extra, however there's no going back if you go shorter than you intended.


Trim over your entire beard, making sure to shave upwards and against the grain. Do not forget your neckline, either, while trimming! Change to a lower guard as needed and also duplicate the process up until you've reached a beard length you are pleased with.